KeepSafe Re-Usable Eco Facemask


  • KeepSafe eco facemask has a CE-certificate and is a type II medical mask. The mask protects is user and other and it filters 98,5% of bacteria. 
  • Keepsafe is made of biodegradable recycled materials, thus the mask won’t cause any waste issues. 
  • The mask fits comfortably and is easy tho breathe through.  
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  • Used properly, the Keep-mask protects users from acquiring serious health conditions caused by airborne contaminants such as particles, aerosols, bacteria, and viruses. According to lab tests, the fabric in our masks filters 98.5% of bacteria and virus particles. This helps prevent a sick person from infecting others.
  • Keep products are designed for safety and usability and come with clear instructions.
  • Keep fits tightly on your face and the product is available in distinct sizes for women and men.
  • Keep mask is non-allergic (tested and evaluated according to ISO 10993-1).
  • A reusable mask is the more sustainable choice not only environmentally, but also economically. The price per use is significantly lower for the Keep mask, if compared to disposable options. 
  • Keep products can be hand or machine washed at 30 degrees celcius (86F), hereafter tumble dried for 1 minuteor ironed at each side for 1 second at 100 degrees celcius (212F), or UV, sterilized, or in autoclave.
  • Designed and manufactured as an Italian-Finnish cooperation.
  • Keep’s design is Nordic functional and timeless.


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